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This page contains all notes on marketing over and above what we put in our career profile. Read the profile first, here.

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"Broadly speaking, marketing is the strategic function between product development and sales. The four components of marketing are product, price, promotion and place. Marketing takes a product with specific features and benefits, creates pricing and promotional strategies, and oversees the methods that will be used to bring it to market (that's the "place" part). Based on whether the product is high-end or low-end, based on its manufacturing specs and its price, the marketing team creates a selling approach that includes strategies for advertising, public relations, and other types of promotion, and the head of this team also coordinates with the sales team to determine how they will make the product or service available to customers. Depending on the structure of the company, this position may be called a marketing manager or marketing director. Other times, these responsibilities fall under the brand manager's domain."[1]

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A Day in the Life: Director of Marketing at HumanaVitality, LLC

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Wetfeet Insider Guide: Careers in Marketing (2011)

Wetfeet Career Overview: Marketing

What Tyler Cowen says about it in the Average is Over and Econ talk A Day in the Life: Director of Marketing at HumanaVitality, LLC