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This wiki is in very early stages and is a work in progress.

This page contains all notes on health careers over and above what we put in our career profile. Read the profile first, here.

Profile type


More information on individual options





Physician assistant

Physical therapist

Occupational therapist

Speech pathologist

Dental hygienist

Diagnostic radiographer


Respiratory therapist

Ex phys/sports science

What is this career path?

What does the work involve?

What are the major stages of this career?

What are the major sub-options within this path?

What is it like day-to-day?

What are the people like?

Personal fit

Entry requirements.

What does it take to progress?

Who should especially consider this option?


Career capital

Common exits


Exploration value

Role impact

Direct impact potential

Earnings potential

Advocacy potential

Job satisfaction


Past experience

Take action

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Next steps

Best resources

The Bureau of Labour Statistics for the US and Prospects for the UK both produce useful guides. Some of the professions have had more in depth guides written about them which you could look for using this. It's worthwhile looking for 'day in the life' resources for whichever profession you're interested in, such as this for physical therapy.

Remaining issues

Research process